Docker desktop shutdown after trying push image

I did these steps Sign in and get started
the login and try to push the image
I got the error but it is hard to notice so I recorded it and made the screenshot
By using terminal push work correctly

I use Ubuntu

I am having exactly the same problem: i can push an image to docker hub from command line, but docker desktop exits/crashes when i try to push from it. From what I can glean from your screenshot, i think the problem is with the login credentials to docker hub. I installed ‘pass’ (I am not certain why I did that) when installing docker and I think somehow docker desktop does not have access to the stored information in ‘pass’. Have you had any luck, booratina?

no, I haven’t.
I use a terminal for push image
I know that problems are related to credentials. that’s why I went through these steps Sign in and get started
section “Credentials management for Linux users” but it doesn’t work
Currently, I’m not trying to find solution just use a terminal instead