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Docker Desktop vs Linux Virtual machine running Docker in production


I remember reading (not sure where) that docker Desktop (for Mac and maybe Windows) is not suitable for production environments.

If I wanted to keep using Mac as a production server, would it be better to use Docker Desktop or should I install a virtual machine, running (for example) ubuntu + docker engine. This second option I guess should be supported as long it is running on a supported OS, independently where the VM is running (Linux or Mac).

I would also like to know the difference (in performance) among Docker desktop running natively on Mac or running inside a VM. I did a few tests and the performance is quite similar, although a little bit worse in Desktop.


Docker does not run natively on a Mac. Docker Desktop runs a virtual machine in which docker is hosted. This is why you don’t see any real difference in running your own virtual machine vs the Docker Desktop virtual machine. They are pretty much the same stack.

I would run your own Linux VM with Docker engine installed on it. That will give you the greatest control.