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Docker for Desktop or docker-machine and Parallels?

I want to have the best possible performance and optimal use of my CPU. Docker Desktop has some performance issues in my experience even though Hyperkit is based on Apple’s Hypervisor Kit and should in theory be the fastest. There are some options like running boot2docker on a VMware Fusion or Parallels VM. It seems Parallels is the fastest of the two and uses the CPU most optimally. I want to ask if people had any experience with running in such a configuration before trowing money to Parallels or VMware. It seems for Parallels you need the Pro edition which uses a subscription based licensing while VMware Fusion 12 Player will be released free for personal use later this year.
Also, docker-machine on github hadn’t been updated for couple of years. Is there any way to extact just docker, docker-machine from the Docker for Desktop?