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Docker explanation for a VM user

Hi. I’m trying to understand Docker but I seem to be lost at sea (trying a pun).

I’m a software developer mainly and I have been using VMs for as long as I can remember.
However, docker seems to be a more resource friendly option, but I really don’t understand it, and therefore have not installed it.
I would like to give an example of how I use VMs and if someone can point me in the right direction on a Docker tutorial (better yet PWD) so I can understand it … I’d really appreciate it … I fully understand the concept of docker and containers, etc. I just need to see it in action for my purpose and I’ve not been able to do that

My host/main machine is used to save all source code and whatever important stuff I need. The VMs are used for the actual programs that I will be using (MYSQL server, MSSQL developer server, etc). That way I don’t have to install anything on my laptop and it works almost as new (I’ve had it for almost 10 years now).
So I write my code in the VM, with the source on the main machine that sort of acts like a file server, with the ability to do emails and typing docs etc. So what I think(hope) docker does is have the ability to open a container that will have let’s say MSSQL with the management studio and I can make some queries etc. I don’t want the management console installed on my computer and I open MSSQL in a docker container. I want both in 1 or 2 containers that is isolated from my computer.

Secondly, I often test other applications to compare them with mine, get ideas etc. So I start a VM (Mostly Windows) install and test the application, make my notes and delete the VM. Again, I’m hoping that I can install the program in a container, use it a bit, then delete.

Can someone show me some tutorials on something like this being done. Using MSSQL and SSMS would be great to see.

Thanks all

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There is no gui support for windows containers! Some people create hacky linux-based images that use novnc, install x-server, install wine and install the windows app (SSMS or any other Windows GUI application) in wine. Those solutions will always be hacky, hard to maintain and will feel “different”.

Docker is best suited for headless server/backend type services that require no desktop ui.

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Now everything makes sense with this statement … Thank you very much! It explains why I was getting difficulty trying to understand it, because what I was looking for isn’t possible

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