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Docker failed to enable Containers


(Paring) #1

I upgraded my system to windows 10 and installed stable version of docker ( from below link:

I am having issues after installing docker. Whenever I start the docker, it says: “Containers are not enabled.” I need to enable container to proceed further.

So I select OK to proceed and after few mins, it throws error saying that “Docker failed to enable Containers. Please enable this feature manually for Docker to be able to work properly.”

I have hyper-v enabled in window 10. In fact, when I start docker and goto hyper-v manager, I can see that it is starting VM and VM is actually up. but after that, I get this message and it shuts VM down.

Can someone please help me resolve this issue OR tell me how to enable containers manually if possible.

Windows Information:
Edition: 64 bit Windows 10 Enterprise
Version: 1703
OS Build: 15063.850


(Xirustam) #2

Very similar issue.
I installed Docker for Windows CE 17.12.0-ce-win47 (15139) Channel: stable
Windows Server 2016 x64 (1607 OS Build 14393.2125)

I’m clicking on ‘Switch to Windows containers…’ and getting 'Containers feature is not enabled. Do you want to enable it…". Clicking Ok, and getting ‘Docker failed to enable Containers. Please enable this feature manually…’.
That’s it.

Please help!

(Xirustam) #3

Seems like, my problem is that ‘Containers’ Windows feature is not installed. And when I try to install it, I get error 0x80073701 'The referenced assembly could not be found '.

Seems like it’s the OS issue. Looking in the internet I found the only reliable solution to fix it is to reinstall the OS :frowning: