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Docker failed to initialize Method not found: 'Void NLog.Targets.FileTarget..ctor(System.String)'


(Adaraz) #1

Hi, if i’m trying to start docker service, I’m getting error

Docker failed to initialize
Method not found: ‘Void NLog.Targets.FileTarget…ctor(System.String)’.

Docker version 1.13.0-dev, build 76ee0e8

I have no idea where is the problem or where to look.

Thanks for your suggestions.

(Adaraz) #2

I have added current version of NLog which “Docker for Windows.exe” uses into GAC and it solved the problem.

P.S. In the post, I wrote docker service, but actualy it was “Docker for Windows.exe” who had problem with NLog, docker service itself was OK.

(Michael Friis) #3

Thanks for reporting! Is this using Docker for Windows and trying to start Docker? Or is this running the native Windows Docker engine on Windows? How are you starting the service?


(Adaraz) #4

I tryed to run “Docker for Windows.exe” and it caused the error.
Native Windows Docker engine and working with it thru console commands was OK.