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Docker: failed to register layer: lchown operation not permitted

Hello, I have just installed docker and I tried to run the “docker run -d -p 80:80 docker/getting-started” command and I am getting this error:

latest: Pulling from docker/getting-started

ba3557a56b15: Pull complete

468d8ccebf7a: Extracting 6.997MB/6.997MB

b7f67c5d6ce9: Download complete

ed91f01a4fcb: Download complete

8051568c89ac: Download complete

5b4dcb4d3646: Download complete

22ecfaabb4de: Download complete

bbaa3642d0a3: Download complete

docker: failed to register layer: lchown host_mnt/Volumes/DeeThesis/docker_data/Data/vms/0/vfs/dir/04f3c84b7ea57488893aa2b33b316f1046d4099d2953ec5dc3eafcca395935f6/._bin: operation not permitted.

Every help is highly appreciated thanks.

I reinstalled docker on the same drive where its application is and its working now