Docker for AWS in Gov Cloud

On this page

It states

“Note that the China and US Gov Cloud AWS partitions are not currently supported.”

Can someone expand on what that means, especially as it relates to Gov Cloud?

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I would also like to know about this, reading the .tmpl file, I see the beginnings of Gov Support here:

"us-gov-west-1": {
        "AZ0": "0",
        "AZ1": "1",
        "AZ2": "0",
        "EFSSupport": "no",
        "LambdaSupport": "no",
        "Name": "GovCloud",
        "NumAZs": "2"

But I don’t see any mappings in the AWSRegionArch2AMI map, is this all that is missing? The Region 2 AMI map?

Anybody? I’m guessing one of the reasons for it not being supported are the lack of AZ’s (Gov cloud only has 2). Can anyone please confirm this, or are there other reasons / features not supported in AWS GovCloud that Docker for AWS requires?

This would be great to know before I head down the road of getting that .tmpl working in my GovCloud.