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Docker for Mac — Authentication error. failed to connect to online service

(Daniel Serodio) #1

I installed the Docker for Mac Beta and opened it. It asked for my invite token, which I pasted and clicked Submit.

On my work Mac (OS X 10.10.5), it freezes for a long time (maybe around 5-10 mins, Activity Monitor reports it is as Not Responding), and then it “unfreezes” and a dialog pops up: Authentication error. failed to connect to online service

On my home Mac (OS X 10.11), it doesn’t freeze and the “Authentication error. failed to connect to online service” dialog shows up immediately.

I can’t use Docker for Mac on either :frowning:

I tested with my work computer on our corporate network, which has many outgoing ports (like ssh) blocked, etc. but http/https go thru a transparent proxy.

Please let me know how I can help troubleshoot this problem as I really want to try Docker for Mac :slight_smile: I sent an email to but didn’t get a response.

(Onigoetz) #2

I have exactly the same, though we have a non-transparent proxy.

And the error pops up immediately.

I would love to try Docker for Mac. but this blocks me at a very early stage of testing :smiley:

(Ryan Wentzel) #3

I’m having the same issue. The app hangs for several minutes after entering the invite token and then I get the authentication error message.