Docker For Mac is not installing vertual machine - not able to proceed

When I perform docker-machine start default, the default virtual machine should start.

Actual behavior : There is no default machine


-I installed docker for mac (BETA). I never worked with docker earlier so no toolbox installation earlier. When I check docker-machine -version it shows proper version but when i do docker-machine start default I get the error "Host does not exists:default"
When I list docker-machine, I can find anything
docker-machine ls

Steps to reproduce the behavior

The Docker for Mac beta doesn’t use Docker Machine. I highly recommend reading through Sign in to Docker Desktop | Docker Docs for more details.

I’d also strongly recommend at least browsing the forum. There are a couple of common issues that people run into frequently. The ones that immediately come to mind: if you’re used to directly accessing a container’s IP address on the private Docker bridge network from the host, it doesn’t work; if you’re used to starting containers with {{–net host}}, it does not at all do what you expect; there may be ongoing performance and stability issues if your setup heavily relies on docker run -v to inject a large amount of data into your container (e.g., your image is an application runtime and you bind-mount your entire application code).