Docker for RTOS?

Is it possible to apply docker on embedded systems running a real-time operating system such as VxWorks or QNX? Or are there already images for such an OS?

Nothing official, some people experiment with stuff like x32 and even raspberry pi

Right now, Docker uses Linux kernel specific functionality to do name spacing and permissions - though there was an experimental jails implementation at one point, and Microsoft are working towards a native Windows server based Docker backend.

To support QNX and VxWorks, code needs to be written - presumably by someone that knows those kernels well.

You could however try out docker on an embedded linux running the real time patches (i’m guessing they’re not all merged yet)

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There’s one embedded / realtime operating system where docker runs natively on: Linux.
(yes: Linux is a RTOS)


Linux is not an RTOS out of the box and requires you load it with an RT kernel… all of which do not support docker at this time officially