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Docker for windows rating dialog bit me today

(Captrespect) #1

So our builds were failing to push this morning on our windows Jenkins machine. We have docker for windows configured to start automatically when the machine reboots. Most of the time no one needs to touch this machine.

This morning Jenkins couldn’t push to our docker repositories because for some reason docker had not started. Turned out that docker was waiting for someone to dismiss a dialog asking for a rating and recommend to friends dialog window. After I dismissed this window, docker started up.

So how about we don’t block docker from starting just for a rating dialog box.

(Michael Friis) #2

Thanks for reporting, I’ve created an internal issue to track changing this. Feel free to also open a tracking issue on if you want.

Strictly speaking, Docker for Windows is not designed for headless use cases like the one you describe, and you might want to look into just using a stand-alone Docker daemon without the GUI:

… regardless, we’ll try to address this.