Docker for Windows Swarm Service + Win10 Insider

Hello everyone,

I’m currently experimenting with Swarm Services with Docker for Windows. The new Win10 Insider build supports overlay networking for Windows containers and i was pleased to see my IIS service actually starting. The only issue i came across is that i can not reach the service in the browser, despite trying multiple things such as different ports and networks. The command issued is as following:

docker service create --name webfarm -p 80:80 microsoft/iis

i have also tried to use the --network flag to try different networks and i have made sure to test all IP addresses visible in the docker service inspect webfarm command.

docker service ps webfarm does indicate that my service is in state RUNNING and does not have any errors, so i don’t know what else i can try.

Thank you!

Never mind, I found a blogpost stating this will be supported in the near future, but is not yet now.