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Docker Hub (cloud) problem


(Igor Lezhnev) #1

At now i have errors in accounts:

  1. account name = aiprogs (it’s my private account)
  2. account name = amidiz (this is account for my organization)
  3. account name = amidizgroup - please delete, it’s wrong (i can’t delete)

1st question:
I made a mistake and bought a paid account on my personal profile (aiprogs), can i transfer paid settings to amidiz account

2nd question:
Can i use for automated build my server (Bitbucket on Server not a cloud), can you provide me instruction.

p.s. Sorry for my english.

(Doncicuto) #2

Hi Igor!
For your first question, if you’ve purchased an account check if they have provided you information about how to contact support, you may try