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How to link Docker Cloud account with Docker Hub Organization

(Fullcube1) #1


We have an organization profile on Docker Hub, lets call it “myorg”, and our team members have access to our repos through their own individual accounts (they are added as team members).

I was unable to create an account on Docker Cloud with the same name as our organisation (it told me it was already in use), so I created one with the name “myorg1”. But within docker cloud it seems to be trying to read repos from a docker hub account called “myorg1” and therefore we can’t see any of our organizations repositories.

How can we connect our Docker Cloud account to or Organization on Docker Hub so that we can access our repos in Cloud?


(Fullcube1) #2

Within Docker Hub, I added the “myorg1” user account as a team member to the “myorg” organisation, and now from within Docker Cloud I can see the repositories belonging to the “myorg” organisation when logged in as “myorg1”

This is great as it means that “myorg1” can now access our repos.

This isn’t ideal though, as we now have the username and slug “myorg1” within Docker Cloud and so all our container endpoint urls etc are going to be under “myorg1” instead of just “myorg”, which is counterintuitive.

Can’t we just use the “myorg” Docker Hub ID (which was converted into an organisation) directly on Docker Cloud? It would be so much cleaner and simpler.

(Borja Burgos) #3

We’re actively working to add support for teams and orgs in Docker Cloud, but unfortunately this is not available yet.

(Ian Maddison) #4

Any thoughts on when it will be available? We are big users of dockerhub but everything is based on the team/org, that’s where the payment details are set. I’d love to try out the new nautilus scanner but I can’t until you support teams/orgs here.