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Docker images for licensed softwares

(Pprathima3) #1

It might look basic question but I am not understanding, pls help me understand.
I just started going through docker.

If my application uses oracle database. We need to procure the license from oracle for using oracle database.

But docker image is free on docker hub. We can build applications using oracle image, then what about the licence ? Is oracle providing oracle database as free when we use docker image ?

(Bryce Ryan) #2

A lot depends on the license associated with the image you’re trying to use. Oracle sets the terms of those licenses, and that information should be included somewhere in the documentation, resources, or terms of service for the image. Check those tabs and links on the image you’re attempting to use for the specific license terms set by Oracle. Oracle has different licenses for different images, so the license terms will be specific to the image and to your usage.