Docker License Info required

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I need info about Docker licenses. I have planned to create Docker Image for one tool and share it for others. For others what type of Docker license require to use Docker image and container. One Server and One/two users going to use for converting Docker images to containers.


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Similar requirement. Would like to know what is the license requirement in this case.

You don’t need any license to create and share Docker images unless that image contains something which requires a license. In that case it depends on what it contains. Have I misunderstand something?

As docker is not free at organization level, so on consumer’s server where Docker will be used, what kind of Docker license is required by the consumer.

All opensource components are free for organizations too. Docker is opensource. Docker Desktop is not, but still free for smaller organizations. For larger organizations it is not free, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create Docker images and share them without paying more for every image or asking people to pay for the images they download. If you don’t need Docker Desktop, you can use WSL2 on Windows or a virtual machine and use the open source Docker.

If you are wondering which subcriptions would be the best for you, you can read the pricing plans page: Docker Pricing & Monthly Plan Details | Docker
and the pricing FAQ: Docker FAQs | Docker