Docker Licensing related questions?

Dear all,

I am using the docker personal edition . Now I decide to buy the paid version of docker.

I need to some clarification for the docker licensing.

  1. We have 4 docker developers in our company ,should I need to buy the docker license for downloading the docker images ?

  2. Consider now I download the base image and Integrating my source code and making the my custom image.

    Now I decide to host the image in my client place . In that place , Should I need the License ?

  3. Is there any docker image based licensig need for downloading the docker image ?

    For example:-

    I) Is crunchydata postgresql image need a license for downloading ?

    II) Is crunchydata postgresql need a license for production use ?

  4. I need some clarification about Official images , verified publisher ,Sponsored OSS and Other images.

  5. What are the open source images are available in the docker ?

  6. What are the docker images are need to pay for production use?

  7. Can you explain about user based licensing in docker ?