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Using your own docker hub


(Krischu) #1

I could get acquainted with the docker concept.For my own private purposes I could live with a private docker area on the docker server.

Thinking of using Docker in the company I’m working for it could be preferable to use an own docker server in the company network, allowing for faster starts of docker containers and eliminating any issues introduced by network unavailablity of putting sensitive data up in the docker cloud.

So my question aims at: How do I build my own docker hub?


(Koji Tanaka) #2

You can build your own Docker Trusted Registry.

(Nathan Le Claire) #3

Building your own Docker Hub (as in the SaaS product) might be overkill, but the registry (the piece which makes push/pull possible) is open source and can be run in a container:

I’d consider the tradeoff carefully. The operational burden of running your own registry is expensive.