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Docker in virtualbox on ubuntu

Hello everyone,
I have win 10 as an operating system,
I have installed virtualbox where ubuntu is installed and docker with its containers is installed in ubuntu. I set the virtualbox network in bridge, and in DHCP I assigned an IP that I can easily reach from the win 10 chrome browser (outside of virtualbox).
The problem is that I cannot access the docker container where a webserver runs in loalhost, I can access it without problems inside the virtualbox and externally I get errors.

specifically i am running this command:

docker run -d -p 80:80 -h cartodb.localhost sverhoeven/cartodb
inside the VM I have no errors
in win 10 out of VM (chrome browser)
I can only see the form login window without any CSS style,
(net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED stylesheet)

How could I solve it? thanks for any replies!

Stop firewall on Ubuntu and check whether you are able to access, if yes then add exception to the port using the container and start the firewall.