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Docker installation directory

I am trying to install docker on win10 and it defaults to C:\Program Files\Docker. Is there anyway I can change the destination directory to be c:\users\xxx\Docker? I tried various options such as installing through CLI and using the msiexec INSTALL_DIR / TARGETDIR options and none of them seem to work. The default installer is not asking me for a target directory when I try to install.



Did you find a solution for this?
Not sure if i want to try but, maybe this could work:
-deleting the windows service
-move the folder
-create the service


I have the same problem, but I need to change the install location to a different drive such as E:\

+1, also need this installation option


Some corporate developer machines only allow installs to specific directories. Corporate software is blocking the pre-decided installation location.

Same here. Same here. Will I be able to choose the installation directory somewhen soon? Thanks.

Is there any ongoing development regarding this?

Since the current version of Docker Desktop for Windows does not provide that option for installing to a custom path, you need to create a junction link before the installing, using the mklink command in cmd console.

C:>mklink /J “path\to\junction\link” “path\to\target\directory”

For your case, you can follow the following steps.

  1. Lets consider the current default installation path for docker is at C:\Program Files\Docker, and your target directory is at c:\Users\xxx\Docker , assuming the User Name is xxx. Note this target path could be on any drive such as E:\Docker, and you have to create the directory before creating the junction.

  2. Open cmd as an adminstrator and run
    mklink /J "C:\Program Files\Docker" "c:\Users\xxx\Docker"

  3. Go ahead and install Docker. The installer will think it’s installing to C:\Program Files\Docker but the files would actually be populated into c:\Users\xxx\Docker.

Cheers and be blessed.

Good idea but it only work on the same drive.
I want to install docker on another disk :frowning: