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Docker installation directory

(Zxcvbqwerty) #1

I am trying to install docker on win10 and it defaults to C:\Program Files\Docker. Is there anyway I can change the destination directory to be c:\users\xxx\Docker? I tried various options such as installing through CLI and using the msiexec INSTALL_DIR / TARGETDIR options and none of them seem to work. The default installer is not asking me for a target directory when I try to install.

(Rouche) #2


Did you find a solution for this?
Not sure if i want to try but, maybe this could work:
-deleting the windows service
-move the folder
-create the service


(Yadaraf) #3

I have the same problem, but I need to change the install location to a different drive such as E:\

(Jianyunet) #4

+1, also need this installation option



Some corporate developer machines only allow installs to specific directories. Corporate software is blocking the pre-decided installation location.

(Bernd) #7

Same here. Same here. Will I be able to choose the installation directory somewhen soon? Thanks.


Is there any ongoing development regarding this?