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How could I install Docker for Windows on drive E: (my SSD C: is full)?

(Droumanet) #1

Hi to everyone reading my post,

I’ve searched on Internet but I couln’d find a correct way to install the main program Docker in another path than C:\ProgramData\Docker.
I don’t have enough space on this drive, then I would to install in E:\ProgramData\Docker.

Is it possible ?
Thanks by advance

(Droumanet) #2

well, seems to be not possible ?

(Bryoncline) #3

You can specify the docker data file path by passing in the --data-root in the command line switches to dockerd.exe.

Stop your service:
sc stop docker

Unregister your dockerd service:
dockerd --unregister-service

Then re-register your service with the new data-file path:
dockerd --register-service --data-root e:\ProgramData\docker

Then start your service
sc start docker

help infos:

previous configured data in c:\ProgramData\Docker is lost when you change the install location.
It’s like a new install to a new location. (images, containers, etc)

(Droumanet) #4

thanks a lot, bryoncline :slight_smile: