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Docker windows installer doesn't let you choose drive

(Nev9n) #1

Expected behavior

Installer should let you choose installation drive. Best practice is to default to C: drive but have option to install to another drive.

Actual behavior

Installer installs to C: drive with no options to change this

Tested on Windows 10

It would also be nice to be able to configure the storage location for images/volumes - if this is possible I haven’t seen the option anywhere.

(J3rd) #2

Absolutely, changing where the app is installed to as well as the location of images. I run a m2 ssd for main and raid-0 ssd’s for my vms. (I’m sure we aren’t the only devs with setups like this).

(Cjmac) #3


I’ve tried installing the MSI and explicitly specifying the target directory (msiexec /i InstallDocker.msi TARGETDIR="D:\Docker" /qb)… I just end up with an empty D:\Docker, and the rest of the files still end up on C:\.

I have Hyper-V configured to put its VM hard drives on a different drive by default, and the VM Docker creates does end up where I wanted it - but Docker’s program files are still on C:. I guess that’s close enough for me, but I’d like some confirmation - is Docker actually storing everything on the MobyLinuxVM VHD?

Edit: For that matter, it’d be nice to be asked about the VM settings before it got created - my naming convention’s been messed with.

(Egor999) #4

I agree,

Having an option to choose an installation location is critical. Please add this! :slight_smile:

(Bernd) #5

Same here. Will I be able to choose the installation directory somewhen soon? Thanks.