Docker, Kitematic on Windows 10 running NextCloud

docker run Hello World!

Well at least that was easy. Greetings folks!

My final goal is it to run docker Windows 10 based with kitematic and a simple NextCloud 13 server for my family and friends as apoint of exchange. I’ve managed to set up docker and the kitematic toolbox, created a NextCloud from a predefined online ressource, that was SQLlite -based. It’s starting up, fast and stable.

Fine so far, but only localhost on port i.e 32780.
Now I have a domain like that is a dyndns alias that points to my daily Fritzbox-IP. Here I open the port (32780) that’s redireced to the windows machine (a little homeserver, i5, 16 GB, 8TB Storage) that has the docker container with that Nextcloud in it. But that doesn’t work. I can not access the Nextcloud from the outside. I even don’t know what the URL would be and the port:
I tried several options already, such as “connecting to the host network” which results into Nextcloud crash (not responding), so that I had to set it up again.

  1. What do I have to do to get a permanent NextCloud instance on my Win 10 sever that can be accessed from the outside world that is mostly known by the name “the internet”? Any tutorial link is welcome!

  2. Is there some other container of NextCloud that uses mariaSQL as a data base source, which I believe is faster than SQLlte?

  3. How do I make the whole configuration permanent so that it survives a reboot of the server and starting all on it’s own?

I really appreciate your help!
Thanks in advance,