Getting started with Docker in Windows 10 home

I’m an absolute beginner with docker. I need to use it to host .net framework applications. I tryied to install Docker for Windows but I could not, since I’m using the Home edition of windows 10.
Instead. The installer told me to try another one instead (which name I don’t recall) and I ended up with:

  • Virtual Box
  • Docker Quick Start Terminal
  • Kitematic

I was able to run the hello-world container, then I went for .net examples. From Kitematic I searched for “donetframework” and attempted to download the official image.
Then I got an error with the following message:

“image oparating system windows cannot be used on this platform”.

I believe that what’s happening actually is that I’m running the wrong version. The tutorials I’ve seen so far for .Net devs somehow assume one is running Docker For Windows (Windows 10 Pro) and advice to “click on the whale and make sure the windows version is selected”.

So, that’s the issue. I don’t see the whale haha. This must be because I’m running the Quickstart terminal only. How can I switch
to the windows version? (assuming that’s the issue)



I’m in the same situation as you: Windows 10 Home, couldn’t install Docker for Windows, so I reverted to Docker Toolbox, and ended up with Virtual Box, Docker Quick Start Terminal, Kitematic.

Docker Quick Start Terminal is just a terminal, where the Hello World works, but I haven’t been able to get anything else done.
I’m also a beginner, and all the tutorials expect a regular version of Docker, not the Toolbox, so I do not see what I could do to get things working.

Oh, and Kitematic doesn’t function: all I’m getting is a message saying:

We’re sorry!
There seems to have been an unexpected error with Kitematic:
Could not determine IP from docker-machine.