Docker login is not possible


expecting since some time a registry login issue.
When Docker Desktop is not started - login is possible.

When Docker Desktop is running, getting in that issue:

➜ ~ docker login -u MYUSERNAME my-registry.local
Error response from daemon: Get https://my-registry.local/v2/: Bad Gateway

Same with explicit adding the Port :443

➜ docker login -u n2125124 my-registry.local:443
Error response from daemon: Get https://my-registry.local:443/v2/: Bad Gateway

Also I don’t see any requests in the registry nginx-access file when the login is running in that error.
So that means, the request is even not leaving the Mac system.

Any hints or solutions? The login is required to work with a local registry, which contains the company images.

Already tried - but not helped:

  • -reset all Docker Desktop configurations and setting
  • -remove and reinstall Docker Desktop
  • -changing DNS

My System environment:

  • -Intel CPU
  • -macOS Big Sur 11.2.3
  • -Docker Desktop 3.3.1 (63152)
  • -Docker version 20.10.5, build 55c4c88

Same issues exactly.

I downgraded to 3.2.2 and it started working.

after uninstall you need to remove ~/Library/Group Containers/

I think it’s related to this fix. in the release notes… * Apply domain-based HTTPS proxy no_proxy rules for encrypted connections. Fixes docker/for-mac#2732.

Thank you bhlackey!
That issue cost me some days :joy:

Removing the actual Docker installation as you wrote and deleting the following directorys:

rm -rf ~/.docker
rm -rf ~/Library/Group\ Containers/ ~/tmp

and installing Docker_3.2.2_ 61853.dmg was resolving the Registry Login issue.

So that mean for now, upgrade to newer Docker versions is not possible :frowning:
How to proceed with that issue now? Open a GitHub issue request?

Issue was finally fixed in the Docker Version: Docker Desktop 3.3.2 :slight_smile: