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Docker machine not work properly

(Gubak) #1

Hi everyone,

I have installed / configured docker on windows 10. Docker host usually starts with double clicking on the Desktop icon “Docker Quickstart Terminal”. But sometimes after start, my docker doesn’t work properly. When I type command “docker-machine env default” I get the error:

$ docker-machine env default
Error running connection boilerplate: Error checking and/or regenerating the certs: There was an error validating certificates for host "": dial tcp i/o timeout
You can attempt to regenerate them using 'docker-machine regenerate-certs name'.
Be advised that this will trigger a Docker daemon restart which will stop running containers.

Can somebody help me about this error?

Thank you

(Dvohra) #2

When a Docker machine is restarted the IP Address is invariably new and the certificates need to be regenerated. For example, regenerate the certs for the docker-machine-1 with the following docker-machine regenerate-certs command.

docker-machine regenerate-certs docker-machine-1

The certs gets regenerated.

Subsequently run the following command to set the shell configuration for docker-machine-1
eval “$(docker-machine env docker-machine-1)”