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docker-machine unable to connect to external windows server 2019 host

Im unable to create a machine using docker-machine to connect to windows server 2019 with docker installed inside the server.

I have created a Windows server 2019 Standard VM on my XenServer and installed Docker on the server, and I have tested it working from inside the server buy installing iis docker image : docker pull

I have tried the generic driver in the docker-machine create command but it gave me an error when trying to detect the OS "'cat' is not recognized as an internal or external command" since it assumes its a Linux distribution (I guess it assumes its boot2docker)

docker-machine.exe create -d generic --generic-ip-address --generic-ssh-user "dockeradmin" windows

I expect a way to specify the Server IP address and credentials (Or certificates) in the docker-machine create to be able to connect to my windows server 2019 docker and be able to deploy docker images from my windows 10 host