Docker-machine windows 10 hyperv can't mount volume - need sshfs

Trying docker machine – want to mount a volume in the machine on the host (think that’s how it works…)

Using the recommended ‘hyperv’ driver, but mount doesn’t work. For one thing, the doc page isn’t very clear and shows unix examples. For this exercise, I’m assuming the command is

docker-machine mount <docker-machine fs spec> <windows fs spec>

So, I tried, for example, this (after creating the dirs):

docker-machine mount <dm-name>:/home/tmp c:\Users\<myname>\tmp

I get this:

You must have a copy of the sshfs binary locally to use the mount feature

So, where do I get that? I found something called SSHFS-CLI and put that in the path, but all it did was show me the SSHFS help lines and something about ‘o’ is an invalid flag. So that doesn’t appear to be the right thing.

There’s a win-sshfs package out there, but it’s not clear how to use, especially with the docker machine CA setup…