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Docker-machine won't let me switch back to 'local' docker beta


(Doug von Kohorn) #1

Expected behavior

i can use docker-machine create to create a local instance of docker-machine

Actual behavior

all the advice online says to use virtual machine drivers, but docker beta fixes that…i think.

looking for advice so I can switch back to using docker and docker-compose locally. i created an ec2 docker-machine instance and now I can’t switch back

(David Maze) #2

To switch to a local battle-hardened Docker Machine VM:

docker-machine start
eval $(docker-machine env) # in every running shell

And, optionally, stop the Docker Beta via the whale icon on the menubar.

To switch back to the beta, start it if you stopped it before, and run

eval $(docker-machine env -u) # in every running shell
docker-machine stop

The other more direct answer is that the Docker beta is set up to work if all of the DOCKER_* environment variables, and most importantly DOCKER_HOST, are unset.

(Doug von Kohorn) #3

when I use:

~ % docker-machine start

I get the error:

Error: No machine name(s) specified and no "default" machine exists.

However, your other information was correct and helpful. I just wanted to point out that the first command doesn’t work as expected.