[SOLVED]Impossible to go back on local host

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to do some stuff with docker-machine.
when I have deleted all “docker server” (previously created with docker-machine), I have tried to execute some pull command on my local machine.

But I cannot did it !
I try with this command but I have an error message.

root@ubuntu:~# eval "$(docker-machine env -u)"
Error trying to get host "": Loading host from store failed: open /home/dducatel/.docker/machine/machines/config.json: no such file or directory

So how I can reuse my local machine ?
I did some mistakes ?

Thanks for your help


Which version of Docker Machine are you using?


Hi ranjandas,

I use the last version (0.5.0)

Ok, an issue is already open for this problem

Hi uncelvel,
Sorry, I don’t understand the link between your explanation and my problem.

Problem solve in related issue. Thanks for your help