Docker Malware and Security Scan for Windows containers

Hi All,

I have a question.

We are planning to release some docker based application to production(Windows containers). This is the first time we are doing an docker based production deployment.

And when going through security assessment, our security team has raised a concern saying we need malware protection and deep scanning.

    1. I found this from Trend Micro Trend Micro Deep Scan for containers But this support only Linux containers.
    1. Docker has their own version, but for that we should upload to docker hub and we are having our own local docker repository.

So my doubt is whether there is any deep scanning solution for Windows containers, that can be used on premises.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, check out Twistlock. No clue on pricing, as I never inquired personally, but it has supported Windows containers for quite awhile now. They also contribute to the Moby project, which is the Open Source framework started by Docker.

Happy containerizing!

Thanks @deepinthought
Will check it out.