Docker not responding after upgrade

Expected behavior

docker run hello-world
should write ‘hello from docker’ in the shell.

Actual behavior

docker run hello-world does not return and is not doing anything


I have just updated my docker mac from 1.11.0-beta7 to 1.11.0-beta8 (6072).
And tried a docker run hello-world to test it out.

the log shows 'Docker is not responding: waiting 0.5s"

Here is a gist of syslog -k Sender Docker
The output of pinata:

and the unique id from pinata: DE8CB680-6A60-4F0C-9DDE-F293FB1D1E0F

Any news regarding this issues?

I have the same issue – after upgrading to Version 1.11.1-beta11 (build: 6974) ‘docker ps’ blocks and never returns.
syslog output available here:


I am running Version 1.11.1-beta12 (build: 7528) and all i see is Docker is starting but it never completes.