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Docker not starting 20190606

I am not able to correct an issue that seems to be blocking the Docker start up. I have a pdf file with screen shots showing the various settings that I think are pointing to invalid virtualization setting, but I do not see how I can make the needed changes.

I am able to run Virtual Box.

My screen shots.

Seems you try to run VirtualBox and Hyper-V (base for Docker Desktop) on the same system. They are two incompatible virtualization technologies.

Appreciate your time… sorry for the confusion, I just wanted to show that another virtualization system runs on the current windows configuration. My intention is to only run Docker while I am learning.

Should I do more than shutdown VirtualBox, should I uninstall?

That VirtualBox runs doesn’t mean anything because it doesn’t have the same hardware requirements. The main problem seems to be that Hyper-V complains about virtualization being disabled. You have a HP BIOS, so take a look at the support page that shows where you find these settings.

The suggestion to look for the other BIOS virtualization setting was exactly what I needed. Docker is now running.

Many thanks… George

How can I set this to “solved”.