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Docker not starting Windows Enterprise (10.0.10586) with Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3

(Brooksdra) #1

Expected behavior

Docker starts up

Actual behavior

Previous version of docker ran fine on VirtualBox

Virtual machine ‘MobyLinuxVM’ could not be started because the hypervisor is not running.


Latest log:

[13:09:14.604][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Sending CheckInstallation()…
[13:09:14.605][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckInstallation()
[13:09:14.606][HyperV ][Info ] Check Hyper-V Windows optional feature
[13:09:14.606][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script…
[13:09:15.701][HyperV ][Info ] Hyper-V Windows feature is enabled
[13:09:15.702][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Received response for CheckInstallation
[13:09:15.702][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckInstallation done.
[13:09:15.704][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Sending CheckHyperVState()…
[13:09:15.705][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckHyperVState()
[13:09:15.706][HyperV ][Info ] Check Hyper-V Service State
[13:09:15.706][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script with parameters: -Check True…
[13:09:16.320][HyperV ][Info ] Hyper-V is running and responding
[13:09:16.321][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Received response for CheckHyperVState
[13:09:16.320][HyperV ][Info ] Hyper-V is running
[13:09:16.321][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckHyperVState done.
[13:09:16.324][Notifications ][Error ] Failed to start VM “MobyLinuxVM”: ‘MobyLinuxVM’ failed to start.

Virtual machine ‘MobyLinuxVM’ could not be started because the hypervisor is not running.

‘MobyLinuxVM’ failed to start. (Virtual machine ID C4ACF3BD-9B03-47E0-AFB2-371EF7CE0D32)

Virtual machine ‘MobyLinuxVM’ could not be started because the hypervisor is not running (Virtual machine ID C4ACF3BD-9B03-47E0-AFB2-371EF7CE0D32).

The following actions may help you resolve the problem:

  1. Verify that the processor of the physical computer has a supported version of hardware-assisted virtualization.

  2. Verify that hardware-assisted virtualization and hardware-assisted data execution protection are enabled in the BIOS of the physical computer. (If you edit the BIOS to enable either setting, you must turn off the power to the physical computer and then turn it back on. Resetting the physical computer is not sufficient.)

  3. If you have made changes to the Boot Configuration Data store, review these changes to ensure that the hypervisor is configured to launch automatically.

[13:09:16.336][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Sending GetDebugInfo()…
[13:09:16.337][NamedPipeServer][Info ] GetDebugInfo()
[13:09:21.491][ErrorReportWindow][Info ] Open logs
[13:09:26.384][NamedPipeServer][Info ] GetDebugInfo done.
[13:09:26.390][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Received response for GetDebugInfo
[13:09:26.413][Program ][Info ] Sending Bugsnag report 1cce9efc-8d5a-4517-bf92-c3d32006903f…
[13:09:26.680][Program ][Info ] Bugsnag report 1cce9efc-8d5a-4517-bf92-c3d32006903f sent
[13:09:26.691][NamedPipeClient][Info ] Sending DownloadVmLogs()…
[13:09:26.692][NamedPipeServer][Info ] DownloadVmLogs()
[13:09:26.692][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script…
[13:09:26.929][HyperV ][Warning] Unable to download logs: 2016/07/12 13:09:26 Failed to Dial c4acf3bd-9b03-47e0-afb2-371ef7ce0d32 445ba2cb-e69b-4912-8b42-d7f494d007ea : An invalid argument was supplied.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Make sure BIOS is set to start HyperV
  2. Followed Docker for Windows Installation documentation
  3. The error log above is repeated after every restart or reboot