Docker, Odoo and SSL domain mapping help request

Hello docker community

I have just got hands of my first docker server based on debian 11, I correctly installed my first docker image odoo official build, and it is working on ipadress:port.

I created 3 websites within odoo 15 docker image, and have domain1, domain2 and domain3 correctly pointed to my server IP

I have no SSL certificate installed yet, and the reason i ask here for help is that I have 2 questions.

  1. How can i map each of the different domains to my odoo docker container?
  2. How to get the let’s encrypt ssl certificate for each domain.

I hope someone can point me in to the right direction to help me out on this topic.

Have a great day everyone and don’t forget : apt-get install coffee !

You might want to check out Traefik. It allows to set reverse proxy rules, such as to which domain a rule applies, and allows to incorporate letsencrypt to generate the certificates and keep them updated.

Hi Meyay;

Sorry for the late reply to put this topic on solved I was out to the lake with the dogs.
I managed to solve this using the nginxproxymanager I installed using docker-compose.

I suppose this is something similar to Traefik right?

Anyway much thanks taking time to write a response.

Great that you could solve it on your own!

It is! And it’s more beginner friendly.

It’s always good to follow up with the solutions, so others that have the same problem find inspiration :slight_smile: