Docker on Raspberry Pi? - How to segment?

Hi there,

I’m very new to docker, I have a raspberry pi 3 (64GB) with the following installed:

  1. 1 Openvpn (almost never updated, only critical security updates)
  2. 2 Nginx with reverse proxy, rabbitmq, redis (rarely updated)
  3. 3 Xserver with chrome (updated when security updates)
  4. 4 Custom ffmpeg+opencv (updated quarterly)
  5. 5 Rails & node apps (updated weekly)

Currently the above is set up by Ansible and takes up around 1GB for the software, the rest of the space is used to record video surveillance, logs, etc. It is becoming impossible to keep updated/consistent (500+ units deployed) so I’m looking at Docker. However I have some questions:

  1. 1 Is Docker even a good fit for the above?
  2. 2 How do you think is best to segment this (keeping in mind the limited resources of an RPI)? - 5 containers? 2-3 containers? one single container?
  3. 3 Some of these units are on 3G with limited data, how to minimise the data requirements when updating the software? (currently with Ansible it runs rsync of the Rails code, runs bundle and systemctl restart, so it’s only a few MB to update the software)