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Docker on RPI4 with NordVPN and Pi-Hole

Hi everyone,

I new to docker and need a little help.

I have a raspberry pi 4 with a usb 3 to ethernet adapter running the newest 64 bit buster lite. I managed to install portainer, that wasnt a big deal but now the problems start.

I want to use the pi hole to get filter all the adverts and use the vpn connection to be anonymous. I want to go from my cable modem to the usb3 to ethernet adapter (eth1) filter everything and get anonymous and after that leave the pi via eth0 to my fritzbox which I use as my dhcp server.

ISP → eth1 —> eth0 —> fritzbox

How do I set up the network config in portanier? I created two macvlans, one for each network adapter but I cant get anything to run.

Please help me out.

Thanks eggbertoo