Docker on Synology NAS

I am about to get a new Synology NAS to host my Docker containers -though I’m trying to decide which to go for.
The two NAS I am looking as are DS1621+ and the DS1522+ and they have slightly different CPU’s (the ram on either will be upgraded to 32gb).

In order to get the best performance out of Docker on the NAS, is the core/thread count more important than the speed/boost ?

Thank you in advance


From my point of view the higher single core performance of the R1600 (1522+) is worth nothing compared to the multicore performance of the R1500b (1621+). For a NAS, the performance of the 1621+ is not that bad, but also far from being competitive to today’s desktop or laptop cpus.

Thank you for your reply.
I had in the meantime came across this site…Synology: Best NAS For Docker – Marius Hosting

However, I’m leaning towards the DS1621+ at the moment.