Cant find docker in synology ds223


How can i install docker on my Nas DS223 ?? (the nas was release start of the year 2023).
I cant find it in Package Center

Can i get a .spk file? beta or live version / the NAS runs armv8

Thanks for your time to help me !

Best Regards

You might be better off to ask this question in a Synology forum, as Docker itself does not provide a release for any NAS. See Install Docker Engine | Docker Documentation for supported platforms.

This one is easy to answer. According your NAS has a Realtek RTD1619B CPU ( ARMv8 architecture), and Synology never released a Docker package for any other CPU architecture than x86_64. All “+” series have a x68_64 architecture CPU. The “non plus” DS223 does not.

You are better off to buy a Raspberry Pi and run docker on it, than trying to hack together a solution to make docker work on your NAS.