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Docker on Windows 8.1 [solved]

(Dockergi) #1

Hi everyone,
I’m studying docker because I have to do a school exercise with PostgreSQL 9.6, PostGIS 2.4 and JSP.
On my PC I have Windows 8.1 and I could not install Docker so I installed Docker Quickstart Terminal and Kitematic (Alpha).
I do not understand where I have to write:
docker pull kartoza / postgis
I would like to install this image:
The biggest problem is the absence of a forum on Docker in Italian.
My English is very poor.
Thank you

(Mano Marks) #2

For Docker for Windows 8.1 your best choice is Docker Machine: or upgrading to Windows 10 pro and using Docker for Windows.

(Dockergi) #3

I installed:
Docker Quickstart Terminal
Kitematic (Alpha)
I use the second to study docker.

(Dockergi) #4

Why can not I write new posts on the forum?