Docker ps timeout: beta for mac

Expected behavior

docker ps prints the list of the running containers in timely fashion

Actual behavior

docker ps takes minutes and never finished


Diagnostic ID: 8696CDCE-230C-41B3-9897-9B0E492C94C5
Version: 1.12.0-rc2-beta16
strace (dtruss):

Steps to reproduce the behavior

My laptop has been running for a while (lid open, never sleep) and after approximately 12 hours this happened. Restarting docker app doesn’t help.

I’m having the same issue:

Tried a factory reset, reinstall, etc but no success

Having the same issue as well. Tried a reinstall, restart, but nothing seems to work. Appears to have started after logging into a private docker registry: B61B0963-B7A9-4081-85B0-A7C69732716E