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Docker pull fails on "Extracting"

(Ben Collins) #1

Expected behavior

docker pull <tag> should result in some output showing which layers have been downloaded, and then complete successfully.

Actual behavior

Like normal, but hangs on one layer during the “Extracting” step.

λ docker pull saddleback/postgres:9.5
9.5: Pulling from saddleback/postgres

5ba4f30e5bea: Already exists
9d7d19c9dc56: Already exists
ac6ad7efd0f9: Already exists
e7491a747824: Already exists
a3ed95caeb02: Already exists
570f7915e12e: Already exists
9d3a324c5fe7: Already exists
0d2e2a65359f: Already exists
b4305e078df6: Already exists
f04a7cea1bbc: Extracting [==================================================>]   175 MB/175 MB


Diagnostic ID: FE7B67CD-21DA-447C-891E-C478E1AF4BF8/2016-07-21_11-35-11
Host Windows 10, Docker version 1.12.0-rc4-beta20 (build: 5579)

(Afischer211) #2

I have sometimes the same problem. Then I kill the powershell-session and restart a new pull, now it is running.

(Alexmccool) #3

worked for me (had really bad connectivity issues)


Having the same issue.Trying to pull stefanscherer/dockertls-windows to add tlscerts to my docker host.