Docker pull "imagename" VS docker image pull "imagename"


I’m new to Docker, I get into it in order to give a try to Zenko so first I followed a few Docker tutorials and I come to you with this beginner question:

What is the difference between docker pull “imagename” and docker image pull “imagename”?

I did searches with no results…

Thanks for your experiences, ideas, shares…


Great question. The two commands are equivalent. The recent, preferred version is

$ docker image pull some_image

primarily because of the larger range of sub-commands available from the “docker image” command, all related to operating on images. For example, the following are just a few of the sub-commands available with “docker image”

$ docker image build
$ docker image history
$ docker image import
$ docker image inspect
$ docker image ls
$ docker image rm
$ docker image tag

The old form, “docker pull”, is retained for backwards compatibility, as are many other, related commands.

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Hello bryceryan,

Thanks fore sharing your knowledge.

Have a nice day, wish you have as nice weather as I have in Belgium!

Thanks for the good ideas to bring it. I know a lot more.
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