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Failed to pull some images from Docker hub, but not all

For example:

$ docker pull keybaseio/client
Using default tag: latest
Error response from daemon: manifest for keybaseio/client:latest not found

I have seen the same error with multiple other repositories, but not with others. Repos that also don’t work for me:

  • kamailio/kamailio
  • langrisha/keybase

At least the kamailio one is definitely something that should work as I’ve used it in the past. Is it possible that something is wrong with the docker hub service?

You can’t pull the “default” image, which is assumed to be the image tagged “latest”, because in those three repositories, none have an image tagged “latest”. In each case, you must explicitly specify a tag.

You can find the available tags by visiting the repositories list of tags. For example, , which we see has a single tag: 1.0.0. Thus, to pull or run that image, you would need to execute

$ docker pull langrisha/keybase:1.0.0

It’s usually a good idea to check the list of tags for public images, and to use an explicit tag when pulling or running them.