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Docker push to hang several version tested (Works fine on my private personal repo)

I just cannot push any image I created to
Before you jump in :
I’m logged in (I’ve done a docker login).
I have created the repos on the docker hub web portal
I’m pushing from a debian stretch arm64 machine
I’m using official docker-ce package, I tried differents versions :

  • 5:19.03.0~1.3.beta3-0~debian-stretch
  • 5:18.09.6~3-0~debian-stretch
  • 18.06.3~ce~3-0~debian

Here is the results I’m getting for a push :

The push refers to repository []
3dd5a4798dcc: Pushing [>                                                  ]  1.073MB/65.39MB
537ad6ca255f: Layer already exists 
9773c162e1d7: Layer already exists 
6d626da635fc: Layer already exists 

It hang there.
For an other image :

The push refers to repository []
e1dbf1a28aaa: Layer already exists 
068db6d1e870: Pushing [===>                                               ]  2.721MB/36.05MB
969735ce2c41: Pushing [==========>                                        ]  2.998MB/13.95MB
8b30ec8308d7: Layer already exists 
b9edfad9b01e: Pushing [====>                                              ]  894.5kB/9.558MB
8c5b2a5e7ee9: Layer already exists 
e7fca6e9fc07: Layer already exists 
464741c7cd45: Pushing [=====>                                             ]  3.509MB/33.18MB
8adcf639dd41: Pushed 
6d626da635fc: Mounted from arm64v8/node 

And it hang there too.
Each time I have to systemctl restart docker before trying to push once again…

Any help would be welcome so I can upload all my arm64 images :wink:

No help ? :frowning_face:

I have had the same problem for some days now.
I was searching if there is a layer size limit, but did not find any help on this.

I found a work around…
Pulling the images from my private repo to a x86_64 box, the pushing from there. Then it works.
So its an issue on ARM64 only.