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Docker Quickstart Terminal - ERROR: Looking for vboxmanage.exe


(Rfmyr) #1

First, when I typed in the “Create a new Topic” box above, nothing appeared.

I installed the Docker Toolbox three times on Windows 7 Ultimate. When I start “Docker Quickstart Terminal” I get the error: “Looks like something went wrong in step ‘Looking for vboxmanage.exe’… Press any key to continue…”

I searched for solutions, tried a few, none work.

Am I supposed to install Virtual Box before installing Docker? The instructions do not indicate such, seems installing the toolbox installs everything needed.

How do I get Docker running on my Windows 7 Ultimate (current updates)?

(Kimluy) #2

I have same problem (just download/install Docker Toolbox today).
My laptoop has Windows 7 64Bit.
In the VMBox I see under default VM with sudo docker version: 18.06.1-ce
Can some body help?