Docker / raspberry / noip


i create a new post to speak about my problem with docker, or instead with opening my multi container applications.

I have 3 containers on my raspberry : 1 nginx, 1 nodejs and 1 mongo. The link between them works well. On each container, i have mentionned the url of the container linked :

  • nginx have the ip adress of node container (ex
  • node have the ip adress of mongo container (ex

In my local network it’s ok, all the links work.

But i would like to put my app public. So i use noip and i configure a new dns like “thisismytest” and my internet box have a redirection on the 80 port to go on my raspberry on the 8080 port (nginx container). This is ok. But in public, the nginx container try to acess to and it’s not available.

How resolve my problem? i am not network expert :slight_smile: