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Docker repository hierarchy and structuring for CI and Release images


I have orgnization account on dockerhub. Wanted to know how do we create hierarchy in repository
Currently I can just create one root say OrgA and under it Name of the repostiory with tag and to fetch it
for example docker pull OrgA\myimage:1.0.0
I have seen other repositories with naming convention which has hierarchy
docker pull](

1. Can we create such hierarchial naming as we have multiple projects that we want to structure hierarchially as above.

2. How do we generally structure the CI and Release images. Suppose I have ProjectA with the same repository name. What are the good practices to organize it on docker hub repository

a. for CI
b. projecta.rel. for Release
so that means multiple repositories for CI and Release, so while fetching the latest tag CI latest would come or Rel latest would come as repositories are different.
If I just have one repostiory with name projecta and give the tags like below it would mix up the latest tag for CI and Release, so sometimes CI would be latest and sometimes Rel would be latest for projecta repository
a. projecta:ci. for CI
b. projecta:rel. for Release
Or some other suggestions. How are others doing it based on their experiences ?
Suggestions or thoughts are most welcome.