Docker run linux container in windows 2019

I downloaded desktop meet some error, and I found the docker desktop didn’t support on windows server.
Then I wanted to run a linux image in windows server, but I can’t find how to trans windows mode to linux mode.
And more I didn’t find the dockercli.exe.
So now my question is:
dose windows server support linux mode?
If it does, how to change to such mode?
if not, how to run linux container on windows server 2019?

Windows Server doesn’t support Linux containers. Linux containers are available on Windows client (10 and 11) only for development purposes. On a Server machine you can install a Linux VM on Hyper-V and run Docker from there.
Furthermore, Windows Server doesn’t have a GUI like Docker Desktop on client. More information here: Prep Windows operating system containers | Microsoft Docs


Thank you!!!
And I still have several questions.

What difference between windows server and windows 10 make such situation? That you can run linux container in win10 but not in windows server.

By the way, is such method work? Run Docker Containers on Windows Server 2019 | ComputingForGeeks
I have tried but failed. I want to know should I take more time on such topic( linux container in windows server) or just give up.

There are differences on the virtualization platform between Windows and Windows Server. Docker desktop was specifically designed for a client environment because it is focused on development scenarios. On Server, it is not expected (on production environments) that you would interact with the containers like on a client machine.

Linux on Server is just not supported. You might find some people now saying that WSL works on Server and some workarounds on how to make Linux containers to work on Server, but those are just not supported. Linux VMs on Server are supported.

Unless you see a statement from Microsoft saying it’s supoorted, it is not and it doesnt work unless you find a workaround, which will not be supported of you have any issues.


One more thing: Linux on Windows Server was available for a while as an experimental feature but it is not available anymore. You might find some articles still lingering out there talking about it, as the one you referenced.

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Is that possible that docker itself to create(or let hyperv to create) a linux vm and create an linux image inside this vm? This sounds achievable.

That’s what Docker does with Docker Desktop on Windows 10/11. Docker Desktop on Windows leverages WSL2 which essentially creates a new Linux VM and exposes it to the underlying OS. That way Docker Desktop interacts with the Docker daemon inside that Linux VM. That is not available on Server, though.